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APR. 8 – 11, 2018

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Minoritenplatz 1, 3430 Tulln an der Donau

Minoritenkloster Tulln
© Roman Stejskal

The conference will be held in Tulln, Lower Austria at Minoritenkloster (Monastery of the Friars Minor). Tulln is a small town at the banks of the river Danube, about 30 km from Vienna and close to the UNESCO World heritage site Wachau Valley (http://www.donau.com/), which is famous for excellent wine and apricots as well as for culture and history. Social events including visits to Wachau and Vienna are planned.

How to get there

You can travel to the EFS 14 in Tulln/Donau (Austria) by car, train or plane.
The nearest airport to Tulln is Vienna International Airport (VIE), with numerous international flight connections. VIE is located 60 km east of Tulln.  Alternatively, Bratislava Airport (BTS) is about 130 km away from Tulln.

my Austrian -Official AirlineAustrian Airlines is the "Official Carrier" for EFS14. All participants and accompanying persons attending the Meeting are offered a special "Conference Fare", which entitles them to a 15% discount off all of published fares for Austrian Airlines flights to Vienna. For booking a flight using the discount please download and follow the instructions in the voucher PDF.

We recommend one of the following routes from the Vienna International Airport to Tulln/Donau

You have to pass through Vienna, travelling time to Vienna is between 16 Minutes (Railjet train or CAT–train) to 25 minutes (Airport Bus or train S7 [Schnellbahn]). From Vienna you can catch a train to Tulln (see below).
>> Route 1
travel time: around 60 minutes (available from 06:33 till 20:33 daily); price for a one way ticket valid for the whole trip and available at the red OBB vending machines  is € 9.90

  • From the Airport, take a railjet (RJ) train riding through the city via Vienna Main Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) to the train station  Tullnerfeld;
  • Railjet trains to Tullnerfeld run every hour from 06:33 till 20:33. If your flight arrives earlier or later, see route 2 or choose another alternative, such as Airport bus or taxi.
  • At Tullnerfeld, catch a train (line S40) or a bus to  Tulln/Donau

» view simplified map
>> Route 2
travel time: around 80 – 90 minutes; price for the one way ticket at red OBB vending machines is € 9.90 [valid for the complete one way trip on standard trains (not the CAT!) and the Vienna metro lines]

  • From the Airport, take the Schnellbahn S7 train (or alternatively CAT, airport-bus or taxi – but this will be more expensive) to Vienna city center (>> see below for connections Airport to Vienna city center)
  • Ride the Metro (“U-Bahn”) line U4 (green signs) to station Heiligenstadt
  • From there, catch a train to  Tulln/Donau

» view simplified map

Purchasing Tickets

Please note that for trains or metro in Austria you have to purchase your ticket before you enter the train, either online or at vending machines or ticket counters at the train stations. If you cannot show a valid ticket on the train, you may be charged an extra fine of minimum 90 Euro.
You can buy a ticket that is valid all the way through Tulln/Donau at OBB vending machines at the Airport (red vending machines) and there is an OBB counter in the arrival hall which will help you. A ticket from the Airport to Tulln/Donau is available for € 9.90 and is valid all the way through, including the standard trains (NOT the CAT train!) and the Vienna metro (U-Bahn).

Taxi (from Vienna Airport to Tulln)

A Taxi ride from the Vienna International Airport to Tulln/Donau will cost about 100 – 140 Euro. Travel time on a taxi will be about 40 – 60 minutes, depending on traffic. Get information about taxis at Vienna airport here.


If you are looking for a Hotel near the EFS 14 Symposium Venue, we have reserved contingents with the following hotels. Please use the supplied booking methods to be able to use the contingents.

Diamond City Hotel Tulln, Nussallee 18, 3430 Tulln à walking distance to Venue: 1 minute
Reservations should be made latest until:  February 13th, 2018
Booking: send an email with your booking period, credit card details and booking code: EFS 14 to mf@diamondcityhotel.at

  • Single room incl. Breakfast:  104EUR
  • Double room incl. Breakfast:  152 EUR

Free cancellation until 28 days before booking date.

Design-Hotel Römerhof, Hafenstraße 3, 3430 Tulln à walking distance to Venue: 20 minutes
Reservations should be made latest until:  March 18th, 2018

  • Single room:  72 EUR
  • Double room:  92 EUR
  • Breakfast per person: 10 EUR

Free cancellation until 3 days before booking date.

B&B Römerhof, Hafenstraße 3, 3430 Tullnà walking distance to Venue: 20 minutes
Reservations should be made latest until:  March 18th, 2018

  • Single room:  42 EUR
  • Double room:  52 EUR
  • Breakfast per person: 8 EUR

Free cancellation until 3 days before booking date.

Hotel recommendations without room contingents:

Junges Hotel Tulln, Marc Aurel Park 1, 3430 Tulln à walking distance to Venue: 20 minutes